Monday, May 22, 2006

You’re inferior, that is just how it is. Male, Female, Faggot, Nigger, German Candle, Sand Nigger, Chalupa…the list goes on and on. You tremble at the thought of my milky white perfection. You’d give millions to stand within ten feet of my presence. I consume your every thought. I am your ultimate wish and dream.

Superiority is something I was born with. You can’t earn it, you can’t work for it, you can’t buy it. You will work and slave all of your life to try to equal a fraction of the perfection that I am. Bow before me! Lower your eyes, you aren’t worthy to meet my gaze. Subhuman Crap, you love to be told what a Alabama Blue Gums or Free Air Sucking Jew you are. You long to pay for the privilege of hearing my voice. Hand over your wallets, I demand total loyalty. Financially, Spiritually, Personally…you belong to me! Chattle is more worthwhile than you.

You love earning money for me. You love bringing me the earnings you slave for. I am the Supreme Goddess Mistress, above all. I am GOD in the female form. No other entity exists above me. All fall before me, dying to pay tribute. The meaner I get, the more you love it! Compete with all the other inferiors groveling at my feet. How will you stand out? The only way to raise your lowly status even a slight amount is through MONEY. Call me, Pay me, submit yourself to me. I look on my good servants in a better light than those that are too cheap to afford me. Being in my presence costs DEARLY.

At any given moment, there are THOUSANDS waiting to take your place. I can cast you from presence FOREVER and never give you another thought. If I am not satisfied, plenty others are willing, ready and able to take your place. If I am not kept completely happy, you will never grovel at my feet again. Never again will you hear insults befitting of you spew from my perfect lips. I will cast you out, back to the lowly depths of hell where you came from.

ALWAYS be mindful that I alone have absolute power. You exist because I allow it. Thank me, Praise me, Worship me, PAY ME. Every day when you rise to go to work, know that is to for me. Work harder, work more for MY honor. Slave away, Blackie, you’re back in Plantation days. I am not easily pleased. However, once you earn my favor, I guarantee it will be worth every penny you slaved for, every penny you paid to me.

$$BUY$$ your place of honor at my feet.